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How to Cherish Even the Mundane Seasons of Homeschooling

Throughout the Bible, God’s people were instructed to remember God’s past blessings, and were urged to teach their children to know previous triumphs and victories, too. “Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way,” admonishes Deuteronomy eight, … Continue reading

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At this time of year my thoughts naturally turn toward all the things I have for which to be thankful. And they are numerous. Regardless of my circumstances and what I might be currently going through, when I take time … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday

The title isn't new or unique to me by any means, but it seemed appropriate for the time of year and day of the week. I have enjoyed reading my friends' daily "thankful" posts on Facebook of late. It helps … Continue reading

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Something Encouraging

I have been mulling for a while about what to blog about. It's only once a month, but still, to try and find something that could possibly be of interest and encouraging to you today...it's harder than you think. (Kudos … Continue reading

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How to Grow Spiritually

Scripture is amazing. There is so much to discover and uncover within the text. And I absolutely love reading the insights others have gleaned. Mark (aka pastor guy) has a great post about Jacob's spiritual growth that shed new light … Continue reading

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My Thankfulness

I didn't really feel like I had any option on this blog: it's the week of Thanksgiving, time to list my blessings. Friends on Facebook have been posting things daily that they are grateful for and 'tis the season to … Continue reading

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Why in the world did the Pilgrims give thanks?

The Pilgrims faced tragedy in their first year at Plymouth. They landed at Plymouth Rock on December 16 – much too late to plant or prepare for winter. Without enough food or protection from the cold, families watched their loved … Continue reading

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