My Thankfulness

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I didn't really feel like I had any option on this blog: it's the week of Thanksgiving, time to list my blessings. Friends on Facebook have been posting things daily that they are grateful for and 'tis the season to focus on all the good we have.

Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling overly grateful.

This feels like a hard stage. Daily training. Too little sleep. Children with energy when I am crashing. No breaks. A very restricted diet because of health reasons...and on and on. This lack of gratefulness, though, makes me sad. I have been saved from so much, carried through so much, provided for so much...why can I not grasp those things in the day to day?

I've been chewing on my nails wondering when my sense of, "ah yes, this is the good life," would kick in so I could then happily pass that on to you. Well, at 9:30 last night Eliana started screaming. Poopy diaper and the beginnings of a nasty rash. Poor baby.

As I rocked her back to sleep, it struck me: here is my thankfulness.

I am thankful I am able to rock my children.

I am thankful for the boundless energy that allows Natalia to jump from chairs and the couch or whatever is handy and to just run and run.

I am thankful Eliana still crawls so I can hear the "thumpa-thumpa-thumpa" as she pounds down the hall, smiling with her two teeth.

I am thankful for children who are content with our home. A few weeks back, I was telling Natalia that we needed to pick up before her friend came over when Natalia replied, "I like our messy house."

I am thankful for a good vacuum.

I am thankful Natalia sings and dances.

I am thankful Eliana bounces along when she hears music.

I am thankful for a strong willed child who is not afraid to be her own self.

I am thankful for the expression of creativity through clothes Natalia has, and that she can make people smile just by looking at her.

(the girls and I a few weeks back)

I am thankful. And this is why this season is so important: to take a few minutes (or hours if you are feeling ornery like me) to figure out just a few ways we have been blessed.

I hope you have many reasons to feel blessed today.

Until next time,

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