Sonlight: A Missions Minded Community

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Sonlight is more than a company. Sonlight is more than a homeschool curriculum. Sonlight is also a community. This has been true since early 1995. Back then, the community was largely on the Forums. Much of the interaction was about finding a group of like-minded people and hashing out the challenges of homeschooling life. Today, now that the internet has "grown up," there are many places where you can meet homeschoolers online. Sonlight is no longer the primary hub for such interaction.

But that doesn't mean our community hasn't grown up too! Over the past four years, I've been thrilled to see the Sonlight community become something more: missions-minded. Missions is, of course, built into Sonlight's DNA. Each Core program is packed with global perspective that gives us a chance to see God move around the world. We, as students and parents alike, are encouraged to think about what God is calling us to do to reach others with Christ's love. And the many missionary biographies we read remind us that God uses regular people to do amazing things!

And four years ago, God started using us in a new way. We just completed our fourth giving project. It was a complete success! The final total isn't in yet, but you helped give over $155,000! That's huge! And it's one of the many things that make me proud to be part of this community.

You are generous and have a heart for the world. It is such a joy to partner with you in reaching those who have not heard of Jesus. And as our family sat around the lunch table yesterday and thought about it, we couldn't think of another group quite like this one. You're amazing!

And God is doing more than just raising money for missions, getting kids excited about giving, and letting us encourage agencies to create programs that can be used again and again--as My Passport to India has already seen. There's even more! By partnering with various agencies over these last few years, we have been able to connect them. That's right: Christian missions agencies that didn't really even know the other was out there are now working together to spread the good news!

And you are part of that.

So thank you. Thank you for being part of the Sonlight's missions-minded community. I am honored to count myself as one of you.

If you've got 14 minutes, please listen to Sarita share a bit about our heart for giving:

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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