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Loving the Gift of Homeschooling No Matter How You Received It

Have you ever received a gift so special that you kept it for as long as humanly possible? What about one you loved for a shorter period of time, then no longer had use for? How about a gift you … Continue reading

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I love homeschool conventions. They are exciting, busy places that renew my faith in parenting and give me hope for America. At conventions dedicated parents come together to learn, think and to engage with others who want to raise their … Continue reading

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My Goal...No More Resolutions!

A year and a half ago I was what doctor’s call morbidly obese. I knew I was overweight and I had made various resolutions over multiple decades to lose weight. I would say something like, “Starting on Monday, or January … Continue reading

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A Glimpse from the UK Perspective

Yesterday, on a train back from Chicago (where a local Teachers Union strike just ended), I met a couple on holiday from across the pond. They're on a tour of the US. They're both around retirement age after serving many … Continue reading

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When I Play, I am Learning!

I love to watch and to interact with little children when they play and the older I get the more I appreciate the value of play. For kids, play is work. I believe this with my whole heart, but it … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Favorite Homeschool Memories

What are some of your favorite memories about homeschooling as a child? What do you wish you could (or could not) have done now that you are an adult? I don't come from a homeschooled background, so I'd love to … Continue reading

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And another year begins ...

All over the world homeschool students are breaking out their books and sharpening new pencils. I love the smell of new pencils. It brings back fond memories of my own school years and of those when my children were just … Continue reading

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