And another year begins ...

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All over the world homeschool students are breaking out their books and sharpening new pencils. I love the smell of new pencils. It brings back fond memories of my own school years and of those when my children were just beginning school. Even if there was an unopened package of pencils in the drawer, I always bought my kids new pencils for the first day of school. We looked for other ways to make that first day special as well ... new notebooks, a fun picnic or visit to the park with a book to read together, a new basket to hold all their books ... and the list goes on. August always held the promise of the start of a new adventure.

This year August held a different kind of adventure for us. Our oldest daughter was married and headed off to begin her own family memories. As she walked the aisle with her dad two weeks ago, I was remembering those school days with her, among many other things we did together. Bittersweet ... but also exciting to think that someday she may be making her own school day memories with her children.

Our other children are in high school and seemingly beyond the need for a "first day of school" celebration. Although ... my 17 year old did look at me this past weekend and ask why we hadn't gone out to buy new supplies for school this year. "We can't start school without that fun stuff" she lamented! So off we went to buy some new notebooks and pencils (even though much of their work is done on the computer these days).

What will you do to celebrate the first day of school this year?

Blessings ...

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