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And another year begins ...

All over the world homeschool students are breaking out their books and sharpening new pencils. I love the smell of new pencils. It brings back fond memories of my own school years and of those when my children were just … Continue reading

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The faster I go ...

the behinder I get! That seems to be a common theme in the month of February. The holiday "high" is over, motivation is hard to come by, and for some of us, winter is lasting forever. Every day I wake … Continue reading

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The Early Years - Phonics

Teaching a child to learn to read is, IMHO, one of the most satisfying tasks of homeschooling. Watching understanding dawn on your student's face as they finally are able to read their first sentence, and then their first easy reader … Continue reading

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But mom, the sun is shining!

This is, hands down, my most favorite time of year. Spring is a wonderful promise of things to come, summer is great with its balmy breezes ... we won't even mention winter ... but autumn is, in my opinion, when … Continue reading

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What Happens if it Doesn't Work?

I was chatting with a new homeschooler via phone this morning. She's about two weeks into her school year and her son is just whizzing through the math and history products she chose. Her greatest concern was that she had … Continue reading

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Mom is my teacher?

This is the time of year when veteran homeschoolers are getting back in the routine, and those who have chosen to move their students from public or private school to homeschooling are facing the unavoidable transition time. There have been … Continue reading

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I love new pencils

One by one, homeschools are gearing up and beginning a new school year. A friend recently Facebooked a picture of her elementary aged kids on their first day of school. The picture shows brother and sister sitting at the dining … Continue reading

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