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the behinder I get! That seems to be a common theme in the month of February. The holiday "high" is over, motivation is hard to come by, and for some of us, winter is lasting forever. Every day I wake up feeling "behind".

I was thinking about this as Jill, Kelly and I recorded our most recent series of webinars: "Has Your Homeschool Dream Become a Nightmare?" Take some time over the next week or so to listen to the three-part series. Each session is about 45 minutes long. I think you'll be encouraged!

But back to being "behind". As I had the opportunity yesterday to interact with a mom who is feeling "behind" ... it caused me to evaluate just what that means. I asked her to define "behind" for me. Does she feel behind because her kids aren't at the same place their public or private school peers are academically? Did some holiday conversation amongst cousins or in-laws leave her feeling as though she was lagging in her homeschool journey?

Comparison can be just as lethal for homeschool students as for others. Especially when it is combined with mid-winter lethargy and lack of motivation. Invest a few moments to set some concrete academic and spiritual goals for your children. Just 2 or 3 apiece. Write them down and refer to them often this time of year. Learn to compare your child's progress to your *goals* and not to their peers.

Don't give in to comparing and measuring yourself to others ... enjoy the freedom that comes from setting your own goals.

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