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Second-guessing: Did I make the right decision to homeschool?

Big Brother Caleb loves to read to his little sister Abi. "My books are in bad shape because they are so well used, but my kids' minds couldn't be more stimulated, educated, and happy—reading another beloved Sonlight book! Thank you … Continue reading

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Training Up a Prodigal Son

You, as a parent, have an tremendous influence on how your children turn out. I've heard several psychologists suggest that children see God how they see their parents. Talk about a huge responsibility! But at the same time, please do … Continue reading

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Just Average

Uh-oh. I've caught myself doing it again. Comparing my kids to other people's kids. You would think I should know better by now. I remember worrying when my baby didn't walk as soon as "most" babies. I worried when my … Continue reading

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Humans are odd creatures. You yearn to be unique and yet you spend your lives comparing yourselves to others.     An Autoblot™ Post Close to home are the "lies homeschool moms believe." But only slightly removed--out the door, across the street … Continue reading

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Homeschool Mom Guilt

So you want to homeschool your children? OK ... first let's see if you "qualify". Please check all that apply from the following list: You use cloth diapers only You grow all your vegetables (and then can or freeze them … Continue reading

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