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Second-guessing: Did I make the right decision to homeschool?

Big Brother Caleb loves to read to his little sister Abi. "My books are in bad shape because they are so well used, but my kids' minds couldn't be more stimulated, educated, and happy—reading another beloved Sonlight book! Thank you … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Will Fail You If...

I don't blog about theology much here, as this is a homeschool blog.* But there is a theme rippling through "the homeschool movement" that bears repeating: Trust Jesus, not the system. Over the last couple weeks, there have been many … Continue reading

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Teaching children how to fail

Nine-year-old Betsy was set up to fail. Primped and pampered her whole life, she had never done a chore or fixed her own hair. When circumstances changed and Betsy went to live with cousins on a Vermont farm, her new … Continue reading

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Q: Could Sonlight Fail You? A: Only If Your Goals Don’t Match Ours

Depending on your goals for homeschooling, Sonlight might fail your kids. Sonlight won’t fail you if your goals are to instill a love of great books and reading develop empathy lay a broad foundation of cultural literacy expose children to … Continue reading

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