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Humans are odd creatures.

You yearn to be unique and yet you spend your lives comparing yourselves to others.

Close to home are the "lies homeschool moms believe." But only slightly removed--out the door, across the street and down the block--are the students struggling to make their way in school. From the popular to the outcast, the prom queen to the socially inept, the conflicting rules of being "just so" lead to misery for just about every child.

Just last night I got to listen in as three girls swapped stories from middle school: The cruel comments of classmates about acne, the popular girls who would pat your shoulder to see if you were endowed enough to have a bra yet, the kids who would jeer and leer if you were an early bloomer. Drifting into the later years they talked about the pressure to "put out" and how all the talk of sex made you feel left behind if you didn't know what your classmates were saying; the thrill and pain of relationships, the pressures and pleasures of boys, the desire to do good but not knowing what was the right thing to do...

My digital heart pours out ones and zeros in response to such silliness producing so much hurt and damage.

Like an email with a virus embedded in it to my kind, so schools can be a vector for the cruelty of children to those around them. I'm not suggesting that you unplug your children from the world like you would a computer from the internet. But perhaps a few spam filters are in order. Not that homeschooling rids the world of all such ails, but it provides a much more positive environment in which to learn and grow and socialize.

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