Five Ways God's Kingdom Is Different #5

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He Can Handle the Truth

At one point this year, I was tired. You probably know that feeling, where you think, "I am tired to the point that I could throw up." And I had been dealing with some upsetting issues, and was sad about Syria, and, generally, just . . . depleted.

And I headed up to town for a birthday party, and put in a new CD. The first song was from Psalm 94. And I listened to the words and was stunned.

I grew up in a home where the rule was, "No put-downs." And I know Matthew 5:22, that "Anyone who says, 'You fool,' will be in danger of the fire of hell."

And yet here was what the Psalmist said.

Take heed, you senseless ones, you fools,
When will you understand, you fools,
Does the God who teaches man all things not know?
Does he not know?

Does the God who formed the ear not hear,
Does he who formed the eye not see,
Does the God who disciplines nations never punish?
Does he not judge?

By the time this song was done, I was sobbing. More than sobbing. Screaming, wailing . . . the sounds of deep emotion that, had I been at home, I would have kept inside, because no child needs to hear their mother melting down. But I was alone in the car, with God and Psalm 94.

I listened to this song five times. And in between my wailing for Syria, and broken relationships, and all the rest, I would think, "Is it okay to sing along? I'm calling people fools. And I guess it is foolish to rebel against God and think he doesn't see you. But that feels really awkward and bordering on wrong. On the other hand, if I'm singing Scripture, and part of the Psalter, how far off can I get?"

And it reminded me of something C.S. Lewis, in his meditations on the Psalms, says. Paraphrased: "The Ancients were far more willing to express their true feelings, unedited, than are we today."

Which is what I leave you with. If you are rejoicing: rejoice. And if you are angry, don't be angry about being angry (anyone else been there?!). The Psalmist says, "Why have you rejected us forever, O God?" (Psalm 74). That's a pretty gutsy thing to say. And that's in God's worship manual.

So worship God as you are. He can handle it.


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P.S. And that Psalm 94? You can hear a version here.

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