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Our Doughnut Legacy...

My husband and I have been married 36 years and as you would suspect we have lots in common; kids, faith, reading, love for the outdoors and Homer Price . Yep, we have Homer Price in common. It was one … Continue reading

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Famous Homeschoolers

I've always found it fascinating each time I learn of some other well-known individual who was homeschooled. Part of me thinks that if that person did so well in life "despite" being homeschooled, there is hope for my kids! If … Continue reading

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I love new pencils

One by one, homeschools are gearing up and beginning a new school year. A friend recently Facebooked a picture of her elementary aged kids on their first day of school. The picture shows brother and sister sitting at the dining … Continue reading

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The stuff that curriculum doesn't cover . . .

I had the opportunity to be away from home for about 5 days this past week. As I talked with my kids over the phone and then returned home, it occurred to me that I've had to teach my children … Continue reading

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Cookie Makin' Day

Today is our annual cookie (and other treats) making day. We start off with a list of our favorites and everyone pitches in, making those items that they enjoy the most. Our kitchen is small, and we're often tripping over … Continue reading

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Church Christmas programs

Our 2008 church Christmas program is now a thing of the past. I'm heaving an extra sigh of relief this year since I was the director. I have always loved this annual chance for kids to dress up in shepherd … Continue reading

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Another holiday tradition

Since our kids were little, we've had a fun tradition of making "goody bags" to share with friends and family. This primarily involves decorating some sort of container/bag and filling it with baked and hand-made creations from our kitchen. Some … Continue reading

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