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My husband and I got away for a couple of days to celebrate our 24th anniversary this week. We love to hike, so we escaped to a wonderful Bed & Breakfast on one of the Finger Lakes here in upstate NY. Across the road from the B&B was the entrance to an awesome gorge which was just ablaze with color.

People tend to make more of someone's 25th anniversary than they do the 24th. But for us, it's a milestone ... because this year we also survived the launching of our first homeschool graduate. Anyone who doesn't believe homeschooling puts some strain on a marriage isn't dealing in reality. While parenting in and of itself can be brutal on a relationship, tossing homeschooling into the mix brings its own unique stressors. While we both are extremely proud of the first one we've launched, we are also acutely aware that any success is entirely due to God's grace and His daily provision of wisdom.

So if you're new to homeschooling, or just considering the option, do be realistic enough to recognize the stresses and strains it will put on your marriage. Then establish some relationship "builders" to help shore up the foundation and strengthen the ties. Perhaps you'll set a goal to have a date night every other week or once a month. Maybe a night away can be scheduled a couple times a year. For the short-term, consider a 2-hour break for mom or dad (whomever carries the bulk of the teaching load) once a week. Even an uninterrupted time for devotions or a chapter from a favorite book each day goes a long way toward maintaining sanity and a good attitude. Whatever you choose, just making the effort demonstrates to both parties that your relationship is worth the effort. And let me assure you, it is well worth the effort!


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