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WedPhotoFour years ago today, our oldest daughter married the love of her life. In the next week (or so), their first child/our first grandchild will enter the world. If all goes well (praying that it might be so), our family will begin a new leg of our life journey.

Two years ago today, a good friend, also a wife and mother, went home to be with Jesus. She invested 25 years in her marriage, and countless hours in raising, loving and homeschooling her children, before she lost her brave battle with cancer. Thus began a new leg of their life journey.

We are in the midst of "busy season" here at Sonlight. Each day our Advisors talk with hundreds of parents who are about to enter the "homeschool" leg of their life journey. As I am privileged to chat with some of them, my mind often wanders to my daughter, and my friend. I love to share the excitement of those who are just beginning their homeschool experience, and hopefully encourage those who are in the midst of the long haul.

As I help folks wade through the curriculum options available to them, a recent blog post over on Coffee + Crumbs seems very applicable. While the author is writing to a "soon to be" mom, I think it could easily be adapted for a "soon to be" homeschool parent. All of those parts of your life that are impacted by the arrival of a new baby are also impacted by the beginning of your home education journey.

"Your whole life will be different. Every single day you will wake up with the responsibility of educating your child. It will affect every decision you make, every thought you have, every fiber of your very existence. You will slowly learn to let go of control and expectations, a process you will practice every day for the rest of your life as a parent. You will start to see the world as a teacher—you will see love and God and humanity through new eyes that will change you and mold you and make you more aware of how small you are and how big God is."

So relish the milestones in your journey, no matter where on the path you are, for they will never come again. And even when the journey is at its most frustrating, stop and thank God for even the difficult moments ... and ask for His assistance in moving on down the path.

Still on the journey ...
~Judy Wnuk

PS ... Sometimes the homeschool journey is greatly benefited by sharing it with other travel companions. Be sure to stop over at the free Sonlight Forums and enjoy the companionship of other travelers in our Homeschool Support Forum!

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