A time for celebration ...

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Celebrating-25-YearsFor our family, the month of June is full of opportunities for celebration this year. Last year I wrote a post about milestones and celebrations and it struck me this morning that it is time to review our milestones again.

Last Saturday our extended family celebrated two rather large milestones. My husband recently retired from a state job which he has held for 40+ years! Not many people hold the same job for 10 years, let alone 30 or 40. So it was truly a cause for celebration. Our middle daughter graduated from college last month. Another reason to celebrate as she has worked particularly hard to get her Bachelor's degree without incurring any debt. So we enjoyed a wonderful picnic together last weekend and marveled at God's goodness and provision along the way.

Monday evening I enjoyed a special time of fellowship with some good friends of mine who meet every June to celebrate our birthdays. 10 years ago we were all attending the same church and decided to form our very own June Birthday Cheesecake Club! Cheesecake is a wonderful way to celebrate ... and though many of us have moved away or moved on (we graduated one of our members to heaven two years ago), we faithfully get together every year to celebrate God's goodness and provision in our lives.

Two weeks from now I will have the privilege to join another wonderful celebration. Our staff and some of our customers will meet together in Colorado to celebrate God's goodness and provision in the life of Sonlight Curriculum. 25 amazing years of helping families craft their stories and develop a love of learning in their children is certainly a noteworthy milestone. I hope you'll be able to join us as we gather to consider what God has done.

What milestones are you celebrating this year? May you take a few moments today to consider what God has done in your family.

Still on the journey ...
~Judy Wnuk


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