Top Photos from Sonlight's 2018 Catalog Cover Contest

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Top Photos from Sonlight's 2018 Catalog Cover Contest

One of the things that we love about our catalog is that we get to feature real photos—and stories—of our customers. Thank you to all of the families who shared #sonlightstories for the 2018 catalog cover contest! And congratulations to the winners!

1st place: C Family of Carlsbad, CA

We are thrilled to announce that the C family of Carlsbad, CA garnered top honors—which means you'll see them again on the cover of the 2018 Sonlight catalog.

Beth reads Carry On, Mr. Bowditch (Sonlight Level D) to Caleb (11) and Isaac (8), while little sister Eliana (3) listens in. The C family has been homeschooling for 11 years, and have used Sonlight from the beginning. • 1st Place Sonlight 2018 catalog cover contest
In the winning photo, Beth reads Carry On, Mr. Bowditch (from Sonlight Level D) to Caleb (11) and Isaac (8), while little sister Eliana (3) listens in. The C family has been homeschooling for 11 years, and have used Sonlight from the beginning.

"History comes alive and is more interesting for us when we read novels about life during those time periods,” writes Beth C of Carlsbad, CA. “Our family loves using Sonlight because it means more time spent together. Our favorite place to do school is on the couch, snuggled up with our bird and the toddler (who gets to start Sonlight this fall!). Eliana and baby Sun Conure always want to do school with us. As a family, we have homeschooled for 11 years, and we are so glad we've used Sonlight from the beginning. We have a wonderful collection of books that we love, and so many memories of time spent together learning."

2nd Place: M Family of Siguatepeque, Honduras

Two sisters with wagons and their brother, photo by the M Family of Siguatepeque, Honduras • 2nd Place Sonlight 2018 catalog cover contest

Here, Linda M's children Grace (11), Aline (9), and Aslan (7) take a break on a walk in their neighborhood.  Linda said,

“I was just recently offered a teaching job at a recognized local school, and along with it came full scholarships for all three kids. It sounded incredible! To actually get paid for my greatest passion! But then, after five years of homeschooling the Sonlight way, we weighed our options and decided that no money in the world could make up for the freedom we currently enjoy! Yes, it is hard work, and not every day is a walk in the park, but we enjoy each other all day. We learn, laugh, and marvel together. We choose when, how and where we want to do school, whether snuggling with pets or lying on the ground. We just can't do school any other way! (And by the way, I was very flattered that a principal of a recognized school believed in what I am doing and the results we're getting!)”

3rd Place: S Family of South Asia

Sonlighter and Asian Village Grandma, photo from the S Family of South Asia • 3rd Place Sonlight 2018 catalog cover contest

Here, Tanya’s oldest daughter Naomi (10, Sonlight Level E) sits with an Asian village grandma. The S’s were guests at a village holiday celebration held at the home of a friend’s relative. Tanya teaches three children, two of them with Level E, one with Sonlight Pre-Kindergarten. And all of them have been able to learn about farm living and Asian culture and customs. And, “Oh,” writes Tanya. “This is the grandma’s normal daily clothing, not just special occasion garb!”

“Growing up, it’s hard to discover where we fit in, where we belong, who we are,” writes Tanya S, who, together with her husband, is studying language at a university in southeast Asia. Tanya is in the middle of her sixth year homeschooling, all of them with Sonlight. “Through Sonlight’s carefully chosen books, my kids are discovering that ordinary people through history were created uniquely to fill special places in God’s story whether in their hometown or across the world. As they read, I can see their courage rise, passions ignite and hearts open to joining the great adventure of living on mission with God. Day by day, story by story, Sonlight helps me build my children’s character, guide their affections toward truth and beauty, and ready these small souls to understand God’s creation, take on life’s challenges and step into their position of world-changers.”


Whether you submitted photos, voted or simply followed the fun, thanks again for making this year's contest a success. Stay tuned for the April 2018 release of our new catalog, where you'll see these three winning pictures plus many more from families who love to learn together with Sonlight.

Sharing how Sonlight is reflected in your everyday homeschool isn't limited to our annual cover contest. We would love to see and hear your #sonlightstories all year long! Use the #sonlightstories hashtag on social media as you share your thoughts and photos every day!

 You can also log into your account on anytime to upload images and testimonials for use in our catalog, on our homepage, and on our blog!

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