Top 25 Reasons Sonlight is 25 Years Old!

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25_final_main-punched-darkGreyIt's hard to believe that our 25th anniversary year is more than half-way through! I was flipping through some of the great pictures that were captured at last month's Anniversary Celebration and it struck me that there's so much more to celebrate, and very little time. I took that sense of urgency into one of our recent team meetings and had great fun brainstorming some "Top 25" lists about Sonlight. Not wanting you to miss out on any of that fun, I decided to make some of our lists into a blog series. I hope you'll enjoy yet another reminder to celebrate with us!


Top 25 Reasons Sonlight is 25 Years Old!  (Part 1)

1. Our customers love our curriculum! And they love to tell us why ...

Sonlight-Family-Stories-Cover-s2. We listen to our customers. Which is one of the reasons why I believe our customers love our curriculum!

3. We help homeschool families connect with one another. With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, this has become much easier. But before social media was as wildly popular as it is today, the Sonlight Forums offered a virtual connection for thousands of families around the world.

Just wanted to say how much I value and appreciate
those of you who have graduated your kids
and yet still take the time to check in here and lend your voice.
Your experience is valuable, your calm is steadying,
and your success is inspirational for this mom still in the trenches!
Thank you!

4. We make teaching easier since the work is all done for you. Just yesterday I was chatting with a new-to-homeschooling mom on the phone, and after describing how our Instructor's Guides are put together, this was her reaction. She was thrilled that she wouldn't have to spend hours researching and pre-reading and scheduling in order to give her kids a quality literature-based education.

5. We use our profits to impact the world through missions.

Mission India6. We produce award-winning curriculum programs.

7. We provide curriculum options for Pre-K through graduation.

8. We help families with the most important decision they'll ever make.

9. We take good care of our employees.

10. We have boxes that turn into castles!

11. We exhibit good stewardship.

12. We provide strong academic materials.

That finishes part 1 of my list. You may be able to think of other reasons why you believe Sonlight has reached this milestone as a homeschool curriculum provider. Please feel free to share those reasons ... we'd love to hear them!

Still on the journey ...
~Judy Wnuk

PS ... stayed tuned for part 2 next week!

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