The stuff that curriculum doesn't cover . . .

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I had the opportunity to be away from home for about 5 days this past week. As I talked with my kids over the phone and then returned home, it occurred to me that I've had to teach my children far more than reading, writing and arithmetic all these years. And in some cases, I suspect those "non-curriculum" subjects were far more important than the academics ever were.

I may never know if the Algebra stuck or if the Chemistry made sense, but it is truly a blessing to see the fruits of hours invested in teaching a son how to cook, or a daughter how to do laundry. And beyond the tangible fruits of completed chores without mom's nagging, there's the sense of accomplishment that comes from returning home to a house still standing and family members smiling and at peace with one another.

Lest you think I've somehow reached the end of the journey in teaching my children the practical aspects of life ... I did find some rather interesting left-overs in the 'fridge and a rather suspicious-looking new stain on the living room carpet. So I'm obviously not done with this part of the trip. But let me encourage you to look for the fruit ... though it may seem few and far between sometimes. When the math and science skills seem long in coming, don't despair. Realize that homeschooling is far more than just academics.

Keep on keeping on ...

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