Homeschool Benefit: Focus on the Stuff that Matters

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He was absolutely brilliant. A perfect score on the ACT. Throwing the class curve by consistently being over the 100% mark. Winner of the honors Science Award. His notes were impeccable and neat.

"The other student to win the Science Award this year couldn't be more different. His notes are illegible. His process unorthodox." And with that, they called me to the stage.


As one who was determined to beat the grade game, I did not fit the mold of boys who score higher on tests than girls but get lower grades in class. I did just fine on both... but I didn't take the ACT. I got the same score on the SAT as my brilliant counterpart, so I'll just assume I would have done just as well on the ACT too <cough>.

But when I read about the grade gap between boys and girls and the ways classrooms are not optimized for both sexes--as demonstrated in Why Gender Matters--I feel sorry for my public schooled friends. Homeschooling allows us, as parents and teachers, to accommodate our children's needs, allow them to excel in their strengths, and give them time where they struggle. In other words: We can focus on the stuff that matters.

Handwriting? Important. But is it more important than Luke's interest in Science? Reading? Essential. But does Luke have to master it this year?

As homeschoolers, we get to pick our battles. May you have wisdom as you set goals and determine what matters and what stuff can wait.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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