Babies, Puppies and the End of the Book...

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These past couples of weeks have been hectic at our house. My son and his wife added a sweet little daughter to their family. They have a just turned two year old daughter too and they sold their house and are closing all within two weeks time. I have been busy with their two year old AND we got a seven week old Border Collie puppy this week too. Lots of great photo opportunities, but it has been hectic and exhausting.

Today, as two year old Allison and our puppy, Rocky, nap, I find myself contemplating all they need to know. And then when I think how much baby Abby needs to learn it seems mind boggling. Rocky is still learning to go outside to potty and isn’t sure of his name yet. I have big plans like having him ring a bell when he needs to go outside; learning to follow all basic commands by sound and hand motions; learning to run agility courses and more.

Then I doubt myself and wonder if I really have what it takes to teach him all these things.
Gazing at baby Abby makes my heart get all lumpy, but my brain starts to add up all she needs to know. She has only had “tummy-time” for a couple of days and already I am thinking about how she needs to know letters and colors and how to read and…and she can’t even sit up yet!

I have to laugh at myself and then I remember something my mom told me many years ago when I started to homeschool.

Back when I was in early elementary school I came home from the first day of school on the verge of tears. My mom put her arm around me and asked me how school went. I poured out all my fears in gasps and sobs.

“It’s too hard. I don’t know it all. I can’t do it.”

She gently asked, “Jill. Were you looking at the back of the book?” I nodded.
“Don’t look at the back. Look at the front. Does it look too hard?” she said as she showed me a lesson at the front of the book.  “When you get to the back you will know how to do it. Just start at the beginning, do a lesson a day and don't worry.” I wiped my tears, hugged my mom and ran off to play assured it was as she said. And it was.

As I look at baby Abby, energetic Allison and  playful Rocky I can’t help thinking the same thing.

If you are wondering  if homeschooling is right for your family, or if you will be able to teach your kids to read or if you can homeschool through high school, my advice is to start where your children are today, enjoy each  day and embrace its lesson. They will be ready for tomorrow’s lessons when tomorrow comes…and so will you.

Take care,

Photos: Allison feeding Rocky as only a two year old can.

Baby Abby and me when she was a few hours old

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