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Socialization Ill: Pressure to Not Excel

This was inspired by Jessica's post The Freedom to Learn - A Homeschool Benefit. Please check it out. Running Ahead Switching to public high school after being homeschooled put a metaphorical chip on my shoulder. I had something to prove. … Continue reading

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Socialization Ill: Conformity Over Compassion

Over winter break, one of "my" college kids was feeling lonely. Her parents' house was empty; she was away from the constant thumping whir of dorm life; not currently in contact with others who keep a vampire's schedule, she turned … Continue reading

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Cliques and Posses

She's ten. She looks a bit like a pixie, small, impish, the slurred voice of an active child. She has ten students who are "loyal" to her. "Like the mob?" I ask. "Oh, no. Some kids use others to do … Continue reading

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Education Is Not About Teaching

This socialization ill lurks in the corner, ignored by edutheorists and mitigated by "classroom management skills" taught to teachers. Coming as no surprise to any of us who actually attended school at some point in our lives, peers, more than … Continue reading

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Don't Teach Like a Girl

The negative impacts of school-based socialization have recently come to the foreground of social thought. Ironically, I don't think many people realize that socialization is the culprit. The focus is currently on our girls. In a telecommunications ad, they ask … Continue reading

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Serious Damage from Silly Social Lies

Her knees -- pushed up toward her chest -- barricade her face behind the couch pillow. Another pillow perches on her head. She's hiding while she talks. Silly as it may be, it makes her feel safe. "I feel like … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders, Invisibility, and Other Socialization Ills

Her weight hovers just above one hundred pounds. If she lost a little more, she'd be in the double digits. The thought thrills her. That would be an achievement she could claim, a fact about her that people couldn't strip … Continue reading

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