Learning from Someone's Personal Story

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A bunch of very interesting Other Posts of Note have cropped up recently. Brian's How to Get Eternal Life, Amber's So she hired a hit man?, and most recently Kara's thoughts on Heaven is for Real. This last post contains a very astute observation:

Any time we begin to focus on someone's subjective experience, we run the risk of elevating it above what God has revealed to us in Scripture, whether consciously or not.

This statement immediately reminded me of my post about building theology through books that I wrote over four years ago. Christian biographies have shaped my theology more than anything else. So am I allowing someone else's personal experience to trump Scripture?

No. Or, at the very least, I certainly hope not! Scripture itself contains biographies of some of the greatest Christians (and villains) of history. The Bible is the foundation from which we build. What we see and hear from others must align with the living and active Word of God. We grow spiritually as we experience following Christ. And I firmly believe that a global perspective helps us see more clearly.

Sunset (I don't have a picture of Heaven, but I did have this one on my phone)

The more I learn about the Bible, the more I love it and the One whom Scripture is about. And blog posts that help me mine more from Christ's encounter with the rich young man and Samson's life are excellent reminders that there is more learn as I study and connect with fellow believers.

Please, don't ever put a personal story over Scripture. But for the areas where the Bible is quiet, I find I learn much from others who have gone before me.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Guardian

P.S. I don't feel like I can plug Other Posts of Note enough. You write such fascinating, amazing, funny stuff, I just have to share it!

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