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What Studying History Teaches Us About the Body of Christ

I saw a "quiz" on Facebook titled "What is your Quaker name?" Using your birth month and your first name offers to illuminate the answer (hint: your Quaker name is "Friend" + your first name). It made me smile. My … Continue reading

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The Space Between

I had a friend over who I hadn't seen for awhile. After a light lunch, her eyes welled with tears and she shared that she had recently had a miscarriage. I listened. I prayed. Hugged. And she had to run. … Continue reading

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Musings on Missions, Schisms, and Tolerance

Adventures in Odyssey has a great line about tolerance. Frustrated, one of the characters says, "I will not tolerate your intolerance!" It's one of the many brilliant moments I remember from the radio show of my childhood. Intolerant of Intolerance … Continue reading

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