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3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Homeschool as You Celebrate Spring

When the first day of spring is right around the corner, there’s a good chance your homeschool family—like mine—is feeling a bit of spring fever. My yard may still have puddles and leafless trees, and we have several weeks left … Continue reading

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Choose the Most Enjoyable Way to Homeschool: Reading Great Books

Although books are far more memorable than textbooks, no one would claim that the whole point of reading is to improve your memory for facts. That would be ridiculous. We read because reading is enjoyable! I would rather read something … Continue reading

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The Space Between

I had a friend over who I hadn't seen for awhile. After a light lunch, her eyes welled with tears and she shared that she had recently had a miscarriage. I listened. I prayed. Hugged. And she had to run. … Continue reading

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A choice we make

I know that as moms we can get into ruts where we feel like we "need" to vent and question who our kids are, what it is we are doing, and how in the world we got here. We can … Continue reading

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Finding Happiness in Something Difficult

A self-proclaim grump and curmudgeon, I'm no expert on being happy. I resonate with the Muppet hecklers. My best friend gave me a "meh" t-shirt for Christmas last year. Like the stereotypical teenager, my response to queries about my current … Continue reading

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Taking Time

I am primarily a doer. I like to take care of myself. I like to care for my family. But these past few weeks, months really, have been flying by with not a lot of doing. Being hugely pregnant most … Continue reading

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Why So Serious? Finding Joy in Homeschooling

It's Sunday morning after second service. Most people have filtered out of the building. A few groups still chat together in your foyer. Little kids are running around, as usual. Their happy shrieks punctuate the air like smiley faces dotting … Continue reading

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