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Community ...

The book of Acts includes a description that always makes me smile ... and makes me wish that I had been there to experience what those early Christians shared ... All the believers were united in heart and mind ... … Continue reading

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What Studying History Teaches Us About the Body of Christ

I saw a "quiz" on Facebook titled "What is your Quaker name?" Using your birth month and your first name offers to illuminate the answer (hint: your Quaker name is "Friend" + your first name). It made me smile. My … Continue reading

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I Like What I'm Seeing, Protestants and Catholics

He's an older man with a bitter and irritated vibe. He's a stickler for precision and likes to get things in writing so he can call you on it later. The pastors of my church turned down his requests for … Continue reading

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How a Global Perspective Helps Us See More Clearly

His parents don't go to church anymore. They used to. Today they excuse their lack of fellowship because "all American churches are filled with fake Christians." They won't be part of that. They're only interested in spending time with "true … Continue reading

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