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Can you combine Sonlight and another homeschool approach?

What if you love literature-based learning and Charlotte Mason, unit studies, classical homeschooling, or another homeschool approach? Can you combine Sonlight with one of those styles? In most cases, I would say absolutely yes. Families from a wide range of homeschool … Continue reading

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Why Isn't Sonlight's History Chronological?

Sonlight pioneered the literature-based approach to homeschooling over twenty years ago. But that's not all. We also focus on history as the backbone of our Core programs. This was a rather unorthodox idea at the time. Since 1990, others have … Continue reading

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How to Combine Students with Sonlight

One of the huge benefits of Sonlight is that you can combine students so they use the same Core. This saves you time and money. But how do you choose which program to use with multiple children? Isn't it complicated … Continue reading

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Practical Pointers: Combining with a single Core

I must admit, one of most favorite memories of using Sonlight when my kids were younger was the ability to combine them all using the same Core materials. With five years separating our youngest and oldest, it wasn't always feasible, … Continue reading

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