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Is My Child Learning Enough?

Every homeschool parent occasionally wonders if their children are learning everything they need to know. Since a literature-based learning approach doesn't use traditional testing, it can be even harder to objectively assess what your children are learning.  If you are feeling … Continue reading

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Letting Kids Learn Their Way: Even with Loud Music or Upside Down

Several years ago, my son asked if he could listen to music while he did his math. He didn’t want soothing background to muffle other noises or even some upbeat classical tunes to keep him energized—either of which would have … Continue reading

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If Learning Style is a Myth, Let's Homeschool to Preferences

My four children are all so very unique that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to teach them all the same way. Chances are, your children are the same way. As a homeschool mom, it can be challenging to … Continue reading

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Can you combine Sonlight and another homeschool approach?

What if you love literature-based learning and Charlotte Mason, unit studies, classical homeschooling, or another homeschool approach? Can you combine Sonlight with one of those styles? In most cases, I would say absolutely yes. Families from a wide range of homeschool … Continue reading

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What if my children can't learn from me?

I've just finished a very busy month of convention travel. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new and experienced homeschoolers all across the country ... saw some of the most adorable babies ... and answered a whole lot of questions about home … Continue reading

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Quick Reference: Curriculum and Learning Styles

I offer the following as a reference to help you get a quick idea of different educational approaches. I have tried to be fair and fun in my presentations. Curriculum Styles Traditional/Textbook: You just need a summary of important information. … Continue reading

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I Taught Myself...

If you have more than one child, you know that each one is very different. If you have any siblings, you will notice the same thing-each one is very much their own person. My older sister and I have been … Continue reading

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