Quick Reference: Curriculum and Learning Styles

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I offer the following as a reference to help you get a quick idea of different educational approaches. I have tried to be fair and fun in my presentations.

Curriculum Styles

  • Traditional/Textbook: You just need a summary of important information. Visual (reading); auditory (lecture).
  • Unit Studies: Do a project and focused study of something. Kinesthetic (projects).
  • Literature-Based/Living Books: Read great stories and you're set. Auditory (read-alouds); visual (reading).
  • Classical Education: Why read fiction when you can read Aristotle? Visual (reading), auditory (discussion).
  • Unschooling/Relaxed Homeschooling: Kids love learning; don't try to force it. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic (depends on the kid).

Learning Styles

  • Visual: See it and you've got it.
  • Auditory: Hear it and you remember.
  • Kinesthetic: Do it and you understand.

Sonlight Curriculum

How does all this line up with Sonlight? As a literature-rich homeschool curriculum, we do a lot of reading, both on our own and out loud. But we also offer more hands-on activities in the elementary grades than most of our competitors with Core Tips and Science programs built around fun experiments.


Sonlight is great for visual and auditory learners with enough kinethestic activities to engage your kids, no matter their preferred learning style.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Guardian

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