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Five Reasons to Teach Our Children to Give

We're wrapping up our WorldViews learning and giving project soon. What an exciting time for the Sonlight community to learn and grow and give together! There's still time to join in. If your family would like to participate, you can … Continue reading

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Exploring The Universe Next Door

Stephen Crane, known for The Red Badge of Courage, wrote in a poem: "If I should cast off this tattered coat, And go free into the night sky; If I should find nothing there But a vast, Echoless, ignorant--What then?" … Continue reading

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Does Philosophy Matter?

Too often philosophy is prematurely dismissed as impractical and irrelevant to everyday life. Sure, philosophy is part of history and we should at least know a little about those ancient Greek thinkers in togas, but does philosophy really matter to … Continue reading

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History, Worldviews, and Life

In a 1784 essay philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote, "Dare to know." At Sonlight we want children to know and understand ideas. That's one of the reasons we put together a new package called History 520: World History and Worldview Studies. … Continue reading

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Cultivating Good Thinking

Not long after the advent of World War II, C.S. Lewis preached a sermon which later came to be called "Learning in War-Time" (see The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses). In a famous quote from the address, Lewis said, … Continue reading

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How Do We Know What's True?

You're probably familiar with the encounter between Pilate and Jesus that ends with Pilate asking, "What is truth?" (John 18:38). Although we don't know the tone in his voice when he asked the question, we do know that he didn't … Continue reading

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