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8 Places to Serve by Reading Aloud

We’ve all had those days. Dragging ourselves out of bed on too little sleep, only to find spit up on the floor, lukewarm coffee, and a laundry pile that has transformed into Mount Everest overnight. Oh, this is the glamorous … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Teach Our Children to Give

We're wrapping up our WorldViews learning and giving project soon. What an exciting time for the Sonlight community to learn and grow and give together! There's still time to join in. If your family would like to participate, you can … Continue reading

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Do You Declare or Converse?

He's drawn a crowd. Ten people have stopped their Friday evening activities to listen to what he's yelling into a portable PA system. One girl, I think she had blue hair, good-naturedly yells back, challenging his proclamations of fire and … Continue reading

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A Reason Not to Homeschool: Grow in Ministry

Why and when homeschooling may not be the best choice. Sharolyn C on Facebook asked me to give some insight into when and why it could be a good decision to go to "real school" and when keeping kids home … Continue reading

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