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Favorite Kids Books Also Made Into Movies: Fun Homeschool Study Ideas

This list of 14 favorite kids books that have also been made into movies is a great way to kick off summer learning. Continue reading

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5 Sonlight Books on the Big Screen in 2020

Which did you like better, the book or the movie? This common question lends a wonderful opportunity to extend the experience of a story. Practice critical thinking by comparing a director's presentation of a plot-line or an actor's impression of … Continue reading

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What's Your Teaching Philosophy?

Do you have a teaching philosophy? Do you need one? What about the resources you incorporate in homeschooling--do they have a teaching philosophy? A teaching philosophy is typically driven by worldview thinking. A worldview drives how we see and interpret … Continue reading

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Print vs. Film: Enemies or Friends?

In his 1985 book Amusing Ourselves to Death the late Neil Postman declared the demise of the Age of Exposition and the rise of the Age of Entertainment. He offered sober warnings about the decline of the written word and … Continue reading

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