Don't believe the lies

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Just because you are accused does not mean you are guilty.

I wrote last time about how I was attacked on my Facebook page. How I had my morality, my ethics and my intelligence challenged. I talked about how that crushed me. How that stuck deep inside and caused me to almost crack.

After I moved on and had time to reflect it struck me: it wounded me so deeply because I was swamped with the overwhelming accusations of not one person on the Internet, but by the accuser of my very soul.

The Liar, the lion who goes about seeking whom he may kill and destroy, stands before our Father day and night accusing us. But that does not mean we are guilty.

Hear it again: just because you are accused does not make you guilty.

I know for me the problem is the voice in my head. When I let down my guard I accuse myself more loudly than anyone around me.

A comment about the state of the house? "Slob, lazy, never going to get it together, worthless..." is my own accusation.

A child disrespectful or disobedient? "Failure, why do you even try?" I accuse myself.

Not being able to complete an assignment in the time I've set for myself? "You will never succeed, you cannot do this, give up now" is what I tell myself.

Crying alone in a new church? "No one sees you, no one knows your story."

But then I hear a whisper from on high, "I see you."

And it cuts through the lies.

I am created by God himself. He knows my abilities. He designed my passions. He established my family. He knit not only me, but my husband, and children together too.

He asks that I be the clay in His hand, that I allow him to mold me; that is His desire. While I am not even close to worthless, I believe that God desires to shape me into something greater. More useful. More beautiful.

But more loved? More precious? More unique? Not a chance. My place and worth in God's eyes is secure, nothing will change that.

When I tell myself the truth, God's truth, no accusation can stand.

Until next time,

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