Changing Seasons

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A few years ago, during the spring run-off, our family drove up the river to see the flood waters. We took a picture from an overlook at a bend in the river. Later that summer we went back to the same place and took another picture. The difference was dramatic.

Last week I started my last year of homeschooling. My youngest daughter is a senior this year, and my feelings are bittersweet. As I was thinking about what to share for today's blog post, I remembered the pictures of the river.

In the spring time, the waters were flowing fast, the river was wide, and it was muddy. All those years ago, when my homeschool journey began, much of my energy was spent chasing after wiggly little children. I wasn't sure how to homeschool, and so I flitted here and there, checking out various materials, trying out a variety of activities and programs. The "big picture" wasn't very clear. I just knew that homeschooling was what I was supposed to be doing.

As the years went by, I began to find my groove. We settled on things that worked, and abandoned things that didn't. We participated in some activities for a season, and then moved on.

In late summer on the river, the waters are still and clear. There is a serene beauty that was missing back in the spring. And now that my homeschooling days are winding down, I find myself far less stressed about the hows and whens and whys. I haven't spent the summer months deliberating over catalogs and making lesson plans for the fall. By now, I just know what our course is for this last year of school, and so... we begin.

As the seasons change on the river, this season of life will soon be done. And while I'm feeling just a little nostalgic, I'm not sad. I'm looking forward to what the next season holds for my children and myself.

Enjoying the adventure,
~Karla Cook
Lifelong Learner

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