Letting Go

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Lee has a blog post title I just love: We Raise Successful Adults, Then Let Go. Secretly--okay, not so secretly now--I was hoping for more tips and suggestions for this transition. I spend a lot of time each week chatting with young adults who--along with their parents--are struggling with the move to the wider world.

In some ways, I think homeschool parents may have it easier. Because you spend so much time with your kids, you get to intentionally give them more and more responsibility and whatnot. "My" kids are all from public schools, so their parents have had little more interaction in this transition than car keys and later curfews. And their kids feel this lack of connection. We shed tears together.

From High School to Beyond

Tomorrow also starts a new chapter in my life. Brittany and I will become official guardians of a high schooler for a year. Lord willing, my cousin will arrive from Germany around 6pm and start school a week later at Englewood (where I spent four years of my life). Please pray for us and her! This experience feels much more relaxed than when we were surrogate parents, but we don't know yet.

Speaking of, since we won't be "Empty Nesters" for a year, do you have any suggestions for a title? Luke Holzmann: Filmmaker, Writer, High School "Parent"? You're creative. Your input is most welcome!

I don't have any "brilliant" insights right now. I'm mostly holding on for the ride.

Here. We. Go.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester (for the next 27 hours)

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