She Said She Hates Learning

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Lunchtime. I'm waiting for my leftovers to reheat. She's already eating. We exchange the pleasantries typical of strangers and coworkers, but because we're mere acquaintances I'm not sure if she's in college or what. So I ask.

She decided not to go to college. I have several friends who chose that path. Most just couldn't stand school anymore. "Yeah," she says, "I hate learning."

Really? That surprises me. I love learning. I hated homework.

"I guess I don't hate learning. I hate the learning process." I give her a quizzical look. "I hate being lectured at."

That makes sense. Lectures are often devoid of stories, and stories make learning fun and effective. I am definitely not a fan of using lectures for learning. The people I know who "hate learning" are bright, interested individuals who have had the misfortune of being "taught" in a way that discourages curiosity and growth. They were taught in a system where "failure" is to be feared. I was raised in a system where failure is okay.

So I was encouraged to hear that MIT and Google are moving toward a better model.

Have you heard people say they hate learning? Were you able to find out why they felt that way?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

P.S. Remember My Passport to India? It's okay if you don't remember and/or missed it. More details to come, but here's a little something for you to see now. <shh>

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  1. Yes I have heard that many times before, and I was one of them. I discovered a love for learning when I started homeschooling my children, and then signed up for college myself. Its exhilarating to discover that learning is one of the most thrilling parts of life.

  2. Christina

    Everyone loves and remembers a good story. I wonder if that is why Christ taught using so many parables.

  3. That's fantastic, Carol! Learning is thrilling [smile].

    Christina, I think you're right on with that.