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An Easy Way to Celebrate Growth in Your Homeschool

Some homeschool milestones feel huge. There's nothing quite like the joy of watching a child learn to read. But most milestones are a bit quieter than that. And they often go unnoticed. As you go along day by day faithfully … Continue reading

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How After School Reading Develops Emotional Intelligence

We often praise living books for their academic value—as well we should! But what is often overlooked is the emotional intelligence our children develop from exposure to great literature. Though my children attend public school now, we often read books from … Continue reading

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The Maturity of Homeschoolers

People have called her "older than her years" and I've heard "mature" used as an adjective. But when I look at this particular student, I don't see a person who has reached full development. She's insecure as all get-out, though … Continue reading

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Pre-school ... just reading?

I'm sitting in Florida this morning, enjoying the quietness before the busyness of getting another convention off the ground. I'm contemplating all the great families we're going to meet ... parents who are excited, nervous, and eager to begin the … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Children to Thrive

She's four. She recently found her legs, and now, standing in the airport tram, she dutifully clings to the handrail as directed. Her dad smiles down, a hand ready to catch her should she slip. Her determination is in her … Continue reading

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My best tip for conflict resolution

The argument seemed dramatic at the time. I thought we should organize our books by color and size. But John wanted to organize them by topic! We spoke past each other, made assumptions, and hurt each other's feelings. A simple … Continue reading

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