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Mastery vs Completion: Working to Finish or Working to Learn?

What's more important to you in your homeschool? Finishing the curriculum or mastering the concepts? Checking the boxes or seeing your kids make mental connections? When I considered my goals for my homeschool, it decided I wanted to prioritize mastery … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Know Your Kids are Retaining Their Homeschool Lessons

You’re convinced that the state-mandated, fill-in-the-bubble tests are not terribly helpful. Instead, you're certain that sitting with your child one-on-one day in and day out gives you a much better gauge of his skill mastery. But you’ve got a niggling … Continue reading

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She Said She Hates Learning

Lunchtime. I'm waiting for my leftovers to reheat. She's already eating. We exchange the pleasantries typical of strangers and coworkers, but because we're mere acquaintances I'm not sure if she's in college or what. So I ask. She decided not … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: What's the Big Picture in Grading?

I am a computer technology teacher and want my students to learn movie/film making. I love your free film school because you make it sound fun which is a contrast to my serious approach. But I've never graded students on … Continue reading

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Grades: the less-helpful metric

We went to Prom together over a decade ago. Yesterday we chatted in the church hallway while we waited for the kids in the Christmas play to finish rehearsal. I don't even know how the topic came up. "At our … Continue reading

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Failure is Okay on the Road to Mastery

I really liked the video in Suji's post Learn. Fail. Repeat. Paul Anderson played video games in '80s. And now, as a teacher, he's learning to apply what he learned from games to his classroom. I've written about gaming before … Continue reading

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What Dance Central Can Teach Us About Learning

[NB: This post has been modified from original publication. I have removed reference to specific songs within the game. All comments remain.] I enjoy Dance Central. Sure, some of the songs and characters are annoying, but the game play is … Continue reading

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