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The Benefits of Discussing a Story Together

As a homeschool family, you have many opportunities to see how your kids are doing. But even with that close connection, sometimes it's difficult to get down to core ideas and beliefs. This is where discussing stories together can be … Continue reading

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The Most Memorable Part of School: Stories

Think back to your school days. What do you remember? For college, I remember hanging out with friends, a few specific moments in class (of both the awful and awesome kind), swimming, and some experiences on film sets and editing. … Continue reading

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Please Read Books Instead

He grew up a student of the school system. History was little more than a series of titles and dates mixed in with social studies. It wasn't until the sixth grade that a teacher read a well-written story from history … Continue reading

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Are you ok?

I was thinking of writing a post exploring why Calvin's teacher--from Calvin and Hobbes--is an unhappy person. But then I read Part 2 of Grateful for Grace's abortion story, and nothing I could write today could matter as much. The … Continue reading

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Defining Moments

A story's impetus often germinates in a character's specific decision: Will Bilbo go on the adventure? Will Bishop Myriel demand justice of Valjean or extend grace? Will Buddy's biological father accept him into his new family? But I wasn't raised … Continue reading

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The Greatest Story

Christmas is a wonderful time for stories. I'm sure we all have our favorite classics. Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life, and A Visit from St. Nicholas are all perennial favorites at my house. I love to read many … Continue reading

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Biographies Teach Us the World Isn't Safe

...and that that's okay. This theme has been building over my last three posts. It hasn't been entirely intentional. But when we study history, we quickly see that this world isn't safe. Biographies are filled with pain and loss and … Continue reading

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