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My mother tells me that when she was a little girl on "Decoration Day" it was the tradition for families in their community to go to the local cemetery to freshen up the graves of their loved ones. I have … Continue reading

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Our Stories

As Sonlighters we use stories every day to teach our children. We have the richest literature available at our fingertips. Even more valuable than our wonderful library of books are the stories from our own life experiences and heritage. I … Continue reading

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Traditions and Non-Traditions

As the holidays are approaching again, I've been thinking about family traditions. Maybe your family has traditions that are as set-in-stone as the "laws of the Medes and Persians, which altereth not." In my family, though, our traditions are always … Continue reading

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Families Writing

My mother saved a few of my school papers, as all mothers do, I suppose. It's interesting to see my little-girl handwriting, but to be perfectly honest, spelling lists and mimeographed worksheets are kind of boring to look it. My … Continue reading

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