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Priceless ...

Watching my son's eyes light up when he finally conquered phonics? Priceless. Hearing my daughter heave a sigh of relief when Algebra finally made sense? Priceless. Spending hours reading and learning together, investing in the lives of my kids? Priceless. … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Why Shouldn't I Use Free Curriculum?

I could offer my son a free, online education with K12 which would be easier on me. However, that would teach from the world's view. Is the benefit of homeschooling the education with a biblical worldview, or the morality of … Continue reading

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Terrible Customer Service

It was the middle of my workday when my phone interrupted me. On the other end was a company I had severed ties with in favor of another option that was half the price for identical service. I told the … Continue reading

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Sonlight is Not for You

If you're using Sonlight and loving it, please disregard this post. It's not for you. Similarly, Sonlight may not be right for you or your family. How can you know if Sonlight is not going to be good fit? Here … Continue reading

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It Doesn't Matter What Curriculum You Use

Which curriculum you choose to purchase makes little difference to your student's academic performance. Ouch. Let's take this a step further: The data show it doesn't matter if you are homeschooled or public schooled. In the end, educational outcome boils … Continue reading

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Guaranteed Genius

Sonlight has a guarantee for our homeschool curriculum, but it's not that your child will become a genius. This idea that all homeschoolers are super bright and far outshine their public schooled counterparts rubs me the wrong way. This comic … Continue reading

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