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Learning While Ill

Do you remember going to school while feeling sick? Wasn't that miserable? Unfortunately, my student woke up coughing this morning. My wife reviewed the school's guidelines. Without a doctor's note, every student is required to show up. Gone are the … Continue reading

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From Luke's Inbox: Why Shouldn't I Use Free Curriculum?

I could offer my son a free, online education with K12 which would be easier on me. However, that would teach from the world's view. Is the benefit of homeschooling the education with a biblical worldview, or the morality of … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers: No longer powerless transients

The TSA agent snatched the unopened bottle of shampoo from my wife's hands and tossed it in a nearby waste bin. The bottle had been a gift but was very much over the 3 ounce limit for liquids, gels, and … Continue reading

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