Homeschoolers: No longer powerless transients

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The TSA agent snatched the unopened bottle of shampoo from my wife's hands and tossed it in a nearby waste bin. The bottle had been a gift but was very much over the 3 ounce limit for liquids, gels, and aerosols. My wife had hoped for some assistance. Now, after passing through security, she was left muttering, "What a waste."

Seth Godin put it well: "Like colleges, airports see customers as powerless transients. [You'll] be gone tomorrow..."

Walk Away

If you've had to navigate the turbulence of college registration or airport security, you can likely relate. We are often treated like cattle rather than clients. We're fenced in, prodded forward, and at the whim of the authorities who dictate our fate. But it's not just colleges, where students struggle to find openings in classes they have to take. The education system, as a whole, assumes your children are theirs for the taking. The school's job is to process that batch of students and send them on their way. You are a vital participant--often the indicator of your student's success--but also a powerless bystander when it comes to your student's classroom experience.

Homeschooling changes this. Homeschooling empowers you.

Once we discover that we can influence our children's success, we take action to shape their experience. Your student is not a powerless transient. Your student is on a life-long journey of learning, and if one method isn't pointing to that end, there are other options. Your student is no longer simply a paycheck. Your student is an individual you can help point in the direction he or she is meant to fly.

Ready to consider your options? Check out our complete, customizable curriculum. With Sonlight's unmatched Love to Learn Guarantee, you won't be left muttering, "What a waste."

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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