From Luke's Inbox: Why Shouldn't I Use Free Curriculum?

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I could offer my son a free, online education with K12 which would be easier on me. However, that would teach from the world's view. Is the benefit of homeschooling the education with a biblical worldview, or the morality of not being put with a majority of unchurched kids all day? Any insights or advice? Thanks

There are many, many benefits to homeschooling. Letting our children see the world through a biblical worldview is just one. We get to share God's heart for those who don't yet know Him. This global, missions-minded focus is something I love about Sonlight, both as a company and a curriculum.

It's true that there are free and taxpayer-funded homeschool curriculum options available to you. And families are taking advantage of these opportunities. But why doesn't everyone switch over to the "free" options? You can always supplement whatever is lacking in a program, right? One of the biggest reasons for choosing a curriculum that requires an investment--like Sonlight--over a lower-cost option is that with Sonlight, you and your family will love homeschooling. We guarantee it. And which is the better choice? Clawing your way through school because it's free and/or easy, or experiencing the joy of learning together? You can get a fine education either way. But, for me, a lifelong love of learning is worth every penny and second you put into it.

I don't think you meant to imply that it's immoral to spend time with unchurched people. But it could be that your child is not yet ready for those kinds of interactions and influences. I've shared about laying a foundation for high school on this blog, and the concepts are transferable to any age. I've written quite a bit about this subject, and this post offers further reading if you're interesting in more of my thoughts. Everyone needs to know of Christ's love, and Romans 10:14 echoes in my mind. May we, and our children, become people who are able to share this wonderful message with those who have not heard! This may be the perfect opportunity to help build up your child for this kind of outreach later in life.

That said, is Sonlight for everyone? Absolutely not! In fact, we gladly publish 27 Reasons NOT to Buy Sonlight. I urge you to at least skim through the article to make certain that Sonlight will be a good fit for your family. If not, please find something that will work. I'm far more interested in you having a great homeschool experience than selling you curriculum. If you do decide to go with one of Sonlight's curriculum packages, you are covered by our Love to Learn, Love to Teach Guarantee. We are serious about making sure you find something that fits your family.

If you have any other questions, I suggest you chat with a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor. Advisors are Sonlight moms who can answer your questions, speak from personal experience, and help you find the materials that will be best for your family.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Guardian

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