Terrible Customer Service

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It was the middle of my workday when my phone interrupted me. On the other end was a company I had severed ties with in favor of another option that was half the price for identical service. I told the girl as much.

"I understand," she said. "But we don't let people cancel by letter. This is a courtesy call to inform you that we won't be canceling your service or refunding your money."


"So how do I cancel and get my money back?" I wanted to know. "You have my signature on the piece of paper in front of you. I clearly want out."

"We don't let people cancel by letter."

"So--what--you need me to hang up and call you back?"

"My supervisor is nearby. Please read between the lines."

I had my answer. "What's your phone number?" A minute later--less time than I had spent deciphering the cryptic courtesy call--I had canceled my service and was told I would get a full refund. I was pleased about keeping my money, but the whole experience was absurd and frustrating. I felt like I was part of a Dilbert cartoon:

Ratbert: I'm a powerless rodent

Every time I have a terrible customer service experience, it makes me glad that Sonlight has a different approach. We're here to help. When you talk to Customer Relations, you're in touch with someone who has been authorized to help you. When you chat with a Sonlight Advisor, you're connecting with a homeschool mom who is there to help you find the right materials for your family. And if you discover--halfway through the year--that a different Core program would be better for your family, we have you covered with the Love to Learn, Love to Teach Guarantee.

I am thrilled with all the tools you have to ensure your homeschool experience is a success. You can find a community on the Sonlight Forums and a happy throng over on Facebook. And if I can be of any help, please let me know.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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  1. Coming out of comment hibernation to say Yes!!! I agree with you. Sonlight was the first company that bowled me over with their excellent, considerate customer service. I have had unbelievable service - for example: people going into archived files to find information for me; people calling me from the US to South Africa, where I live, just to check if I need anything else; emails and phone calls always polite and friendly. If I were needing to work outside the home, it would be the company I'd want to work for! Sonlight is definitely tops in customer service in my book!