Why Pray in Your Homeschool

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Prayer can change lives--including your own. I was very much encouraged by Mandy's post How the Gospel Changes Prayer. And Se7en provided 7 ways to make God part of your daily (homeschool) life. Even if you haven't been thinking about prayer lately, you should find both posts encouraging.

Personally, I've been challenged lately to turn to God when things get overwhelming. This is often related to the spiritual discipline of meditation. I get so caught up in what's going on that I have a tendency to forget to look to Christ. But if I take a moment to thank God for His sacrifice, to consider His creation, to remember His provision, I find I am a little more relaxed. And praying in these moments helps me change my attitude.

I appreciate that Sonlight offers time to pray each morning and that we can stop to pray any time something comes up. I think this is a very healthy perspective to have in work. It's also something I should do more often at home.


So why pray in your homeschool? Here are the things rattling around in my head today--inspired by the linked posts above:

  1. Prayer reminds me that--through Christ--I can draw near to God
  2. Prayer encourages me to seek God's will in a situation
  3. Prayer sets my focus outward
  4. Prayer offers perspective as I consider the needs of others
  5. Prayer links me with other believers as I intercede with and for them
  6. Prayer allows me to stop running and rest
  7. Prayer--in a group--allows me to learn from others as they pray
  8. Prayer gives me a chance to ask for more wisdom
  9. Prayer can change lives ...like mine

Has prayer been on your mind recently as well? Were you encouraged by Mandy and Se7en's posts?

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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