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It's Okay More Homeschoolers Are Behind in School

A 2012 study shows that homeschoolers were [at least] twice as likely to report being behind grade level than non-homeschoolers. Statistically, then, as homeschoolers, we're two to three times more likely to be behind than our publicly educated peers. Wait. … Continue reading

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Why Life-Long Learning is a Natural Part of Exploration

Every new task you do will require you to learn something. Even flushing a toilet. Years ago, as a young man, I spent a week in the UK. We were in a bed and breakfast and the toilet had an … Continue reading

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You Made a Good Choice

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, statistically homeschooling does not give your student a better education than a public school. In fact, studies have shown that the best we can say is that homeschooling is not an academic disadvantage. … Continue reading

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It Doesn't Matter What Curriculum You Use

Which curriculum you choose to purchase makes little difference to your student's academic performance. Ouch. Let's take this a step further: The data show it doesn't matter if you are homeschooled or public schooled. In the end, educational outcome boils … Continue reading

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OPoN: Books, Stats, and Dropouts

If you haven't checked out my Other Posts of Note recently, there's some noteworthy stuff in there... including a quick way to shuck corn. But a new stat grabbed my attention. Apparently, 857 students drop out of high school every … Continue reading

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What Inspires Learning?

Perhaps the adage needs to be updated: You can sit a kid in class but you can't make him learn. The latest "report card" for a local school district is depressing. They are failing to teach math to 84% of … Continue reading

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The Rise of Homeschooling

A recent article in USA Today cites a profound shift in those who are homeschooling their children. In brief, the article states that there is now a higher percentage of girls, than boys, being homeschooled, and that a greater number … Continue reading

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