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How to Know When It's Time to Switch Homeschool Curriculum

When we decided to homeschool, I knew that the perfect curriculum was out there somewhere, and I was absolutely positive I would find it. Then we started homeschooling. I quickly realized that there is no easy, one-size-fits-all solution. Thankfully, after … Continue reading

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It's Okay More Homeschoolers Are Behind in School

A 2012 study shows that homeschoolers were [at least] twice as likely to report being behind grade level than non-homeschoolers. Statistically, then, as homeschoolers, we're two to three times more likely to be behind than our publicly educated peers. Wait. … Continue reading

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You Are Raising a Person

You homeschool. That's great. Homeschooling is a good option with at least 22 blog posts worth of benefits. I wonder if we sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture, though. We love homeschooling, not so much because homeschooling is this … Continue reading

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You Made a Good Choice

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, statistically homeschooling does not give your student a better education than a public school. In fact, studies have shown that the best we can say is that homeschooling is not an academic disadvantage. … Continue reading

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The Privileged Position of Less Formal Learning

Milton Gaither's recent post THROUGH THE LENS OF HOME-EDUCATED CHILDREN: Insights from Children About What Motivates Them to Learn reminded me of two benefits I had as a homeschooled kid. First, my education was something I participated in; I was … Continue reading

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Bias, Data, and Homeschooling

If you google "Graham Badman" the number one hit is a Wikipedia article about the Badman Review. Google believes the most important--or highest internet ranking--thing about this man's life is how he handled a government report about homeschooling. The short, … Continue reading

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The Rise of Homeschooling

A recent article in USA Today cites a profound shift in those who are homeschooling their children. In brief, the article states that there is now a higher percentage of girls, than boys, being homeschooled, and that a greater number … Continue reading

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