OPoN: Books, Stats, and Dropouts

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If you haven't checked out my Other Posts of Note recently, there's some noteworthy stuff in there... including a quick way to shuck corn.

But a new stat grabbed my attention. Apparently, 857 students drop out of high school every hour in the US. I know that people are prone to manipulate using stats, but let's assume this figure is completely true. By my estimation, it would take less than a third of a year for the number of high school dropouts to surpass the entirety of the homeschool populace.

So, why, I wonder, are lawmakers concerned with our measly population? We're hardly significant enough to be a major issue. Right? What am I missing?

Misuse of Stats

Speaking of misusing stats, I've got a post coming (maybe Friday) about how we--as homeschoolers--happily skew reality. For example, take a look at the Homeschool Domination infographic. Looks pretty nice, eh?

We'll talk about that more later. <smile>

Rebecca LuElla Miller's Enduring Bad Theology post further illuminated the Why Sonlight Uses Certain Books that Some Homeschoolers Won't Touch article. I really like her conclusion: "The problem isn't reading or viewing something with bad theology. It's doing so and not recognizing it." Of course, her point about Jonah is excellent as well. If you haven't yet, check out her post.

Unfortunately, bad theology can be incredibly hard to spot, especially when it is espoused by a group you trust and with whom you are aligned. May the challenging titles and posts and ideas we encounter drive us ever closer to Christ! And may we recognize truth and falsehood as we encounter them.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

Rough calculation:
2,000,000 homeschoolers / 857 dropouts/hr = 2,334 hr
2,334 hr / 24 hr/day > 97 days

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