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"But Why, Mom?" The Value of Communicating Values

Stark hair and makeup frame her pretty face. Metal protrudes from her ears and nose, lips, tongue. Regularly added tattoos cover her skin. And yet her beauty is still there, vibrant and loud, like her laugh which rasps -- marbles … Continue reading

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Changing the world one bed time chat at a time

The title of this blog post, and the inspiration thereof, is blatantly, unabashedly, and completely stolen from the Sonlight Moment of the same name. Please go enjoy that post first. <smile> I don't remember bedtime chats except for the whispered … Continue reading

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Plumbers and Teaching Multiple Views

The plumbing in my house is old. I've spent a small fortune ensuring waste escapes my property. Otherwise it becomes trapped 14 feet underground, refusing to release the rest which greedily claims my laundry room. Of the many plumbers answering … Continue reading

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On Controversies and Learning

I have friends and family who range from self-proclaimed anarchists to political activists working on healthcare reform. Like all Sonlighters, I have a strong desire to learn both sides of an argument. Too often, however, discussion becomes something else entirely. … Continue reading

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I Was Wrong About Tests

Tests are good. Very good. But we use them incorrectly. Most educators I know and politicians I hear about use them incorrectly as well. But I had one teacher who knew the truth about tests. Mr. Corson -- the brilliant … Continue reading

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Why the Internet May Rip People from Faith

I read an intriguing post about how The Internet Is Disrupting Religion. The author, Andy, is pleased to see religion go; I offered a few observations in the comment section. But a larger question has been forming in my mind … Continue reading

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How Sonlight Approaches Islam, Buddhism and Other Religions

A Sonlight mom wrote last month that her daughter's study of different religions is "giving her great inner conviction." Praise God! Here is the longer story: I continue to be incredibly impressed and excited every day about what my 11-year-old … Continue reading

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