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How NOT to Teach the Difference Between Fact and Opinion

How do you teach your children the difference between fact and opinion? It seems most schools do so in a disturbing way. It looks innocent enough, but the results are a bit scary. Read this description from the Common Core: … Continue reading

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"But Why, Mom?" The Value of Communicating Values

Stark hair and makeup frame her pretty face. Metal protrudes from her ears and nose, lips, tongue. Regularly added tattoos cover her skin. And yet her beauty is still there, vibrant and loud, like her laugh which rasps -- marbles … Continue reading

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Our Understanding Develops; Ideas Stay the Same

After reading the first part of Mark 5, where Jesus sends the Legion of demons into a herd of pigs, the small group of guys briefly discussed demonic activity. Of those present some grew up in the church, but none … Continue reading

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When Hundreds of Thousands Turned to Christ

What happens when a nation crumbles morally? When substance abuse and corrupt politics rule the day? When the people turn from God and seek pleasure in violent sport, gambling and womanizing? When children have to fend for themselves on the … Continue reading

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Storytelling Virtues

How do we teach our children virtues? One of the best ways to communicate and help develop moral character in our children is through the power of storytelling. As Luke shared yesterday, learning through lectures isn't always the most engaging … Continue reading

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A Moral Nation is Blessed

In Vishal Mangalwadi's compelling book, Truth and Transformation, he opens with a discussion about a visit to a dairy in Holland. He visits it with a Dutch friend and is stunned when his friend takes his milk from the case … Continue reading

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